Scammed Out Of My Entire Pro-folio

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Hi all, I was scammed out of all of my crypto from my Ledger account, please don’t bash or shame me, I don’t need it.

Here’s how it happened

So i was usually using my sons PC to get onto ledger live app for all my transactions

I started using my own PC and wanted to add my assets from Nano to mobile which I’ve done no problem before this time I downloaded the ledger app from the Microsoft App Store and it totally looks the same as ledger but it asked me for my phrase to import and I didn’t think anything to it

Well once I entered my phrase it told me it was incorrect so then I went to the site and downloaded the app from there still thinking everything was fine.

Well after adding my assets only using my nano and the mobile ledger app i didn’t see anything.

I contacted support and had a very a**hole ish tech that took from 9/9 until today with still not helping me so I contacted them again today through live chat and found out my assets where transferred out.

They said they’re trying to stop these apps from being in apps stores and even have been on the apple App Store and most would think their the real app, that’s how legit it looks.

Unfortunately it wasn’t and everything was stolen. They advise me to report to the cops (lol)

Idk if I’m just numb and not in reality yet but I’m not upset.

Yeah I never thought it could be me, I’ve always been super careful with my crypto but it did.

That day I was so stressed out and just trying to get groceries for me and my kids that I didn’t think twice.

That was my only savings to get by.

Thanx for reading and stay safe out here. ????????❤️‍????♥️

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