Let's Talk About Security in Crypto

Despite emerging from the shadows of doubt, uncertainty, and lack of clarity, it managed to land a spot in the highest ranks of mainstream popular culture. Moreover, it’s no secret that crypto is experiencing a continuous evolution. Unfortunately, this often results in a spike of concerns regarding its security.

Cybercriminals also find more sophisticated ways to hack crypto users as technology improves. But more often than not, they lean more toward phishing attacks and identity thefts to gain access to vulnerabilities within the blockchain. With this in mind, it’s imperative to identify crypto’s most significant security issues and how to deal with them.

But first of all, does crypto offer any form of security?

Security In Crypto

To make it easier to understand, the backend process of crypto transactions includes documentation of all trades. These are stored within various blocks, including detailed time-stamps for accurate track recording. As such, blockchain provides an extensive security mechanism using a multifaceted approach. Some of the most prominent factors for data security include:

  • Digital signatures
  • Hashing
  • Public key cryptography

However, it’s equally important to understand that blockchain, crypto’s backbone, also has some vulnerabilities. How does it affect security in crypto, you ask?

To answer this question, you first need to understand the use of public and private keys alongside crypto wallets.

A private key is composed of a complicated string of numbers and letters, unique to all crypto holders. It’s used to unlock crypto on a blockchain, paving the way for a completely anonymous and safe login method. On the other hand, a public key is a code that acts sort of like an account number — it’s used to transfer assets from one wallet to another, just like you would a typical bank transaction. Lastly, crypto wallets are used to access different crypto coins. However, you’ll need to manage your private keys first.

The potential crypto security issues usually stem from security breaches in compromised private keys or security breaches in cryptocurrency wallets. From this, it’s fair to conclude that crypto holders should be extremely cautious and responsible about their assets.

Why Is Security In Crypto Important?

The search for the most effective crypto security measures has recently escalated due to numerous cyberattacks over the last few years. One of the most notable events took place in 2018 when a Japanese crypto exchange experienced a sudden and prominent hacking attack. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts must use it as an example to implement efficient security measures to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.

And if that example wasn’t enough, you should also understand that almost 5 million Bitcoin assets just sid idle because their owners have lost their private keys. In addition, numerous reports also indicate that cryptocurrency investors have already lost over $225,000,000 due to a multitude of phishing scams.

Potential Security Threats In Crypto

Improper Management Of Private Keys

Just like a regular password for your social media accounts, improper management of private keys would stop you from accessing your crypto assets. Only this time it will be permanently restricted. In addition, owning private keys is a one-time thing. You’ll never have another copy of your passcode again, even if you lose it or it gets stolen.

Disregard For Proper Security

Although crypto already provides an excellent security level, taking appropriate security measures yourself is vital. However, many users don’t believe that taking extra precautions is a must to keep their assets safe. So instead of using simple, easy-to-guess passwords, you should take the time to create a robust code that hackers won’t easily guess. Moreover, investing in up-to-date antivirus software will do wonders for your crypto security.

Rug And Pull Scams

Last but certainly not least, you should be aware of another prominent security concern — and this is probably the most impactful out of all risks. Rug and pull scams and well-thought schemes that aim to attract the attention of gullible crypto investors toward a relatively new Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

To sum it up, developers and marketing teams of specific crypto tokens entice vulnerable investors with faux rewards for bringing in new clients while purchasing their ICO tokens with Bitcoin. After selling a substantial share of their tokens in return for Bitcoin, they disappear and leave gullible investors with no Bitcoin or tokens to their assets.

Should You Consider Long-Term Crypto Investment?

There are a plethora of excellent crypto assets you can check out, and they come with lofty objectives that could be achieved over a long period. However, it’s crucial to understand that all cryptocurrency projects have various growth and success rates, so what happens to one coin might not happen to another.

But rest assured that investing in a reliable coin will help you reap significant benefits in the long run.

Final Words

After going over all the essential aspects of security in crypto, you should remember that even though crypto is inherently secure by default, you shouldn’t put your guard down no matter what. As a result, it’s critical to figure out the risks associated with crypto so that you can set up a foolproof security system to protect your asset’s security. And aside from essential due diligence, crypto security has a long way to go in standards and robust solutions.

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