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What do you think about this as a GRT competitor?

Many of us have faced the problem of ingesting blockchain data into our apps. Setting it up manually is a pain, especially for new developers, and existing solutions take a bit of research themselves. I think 2024 will be largely focused on emergent...

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Devs Debugging: "Error: Transaction reverted"

This is the worst most annoying thing to debug. "The unit tests work but why isn't it working when deployed???" I got so fed up with it when I was launching NFTs that I asked my company if I could do a side quest and make everyone's...

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Build Your Wealth By D.E.S.I.G.N.

Build your wealth by D.E.S.I.G.N. ! Do it! Earn it! Save it! Invest it! Give it! Nurture it! Read more: submitted by /u/Byron_2021 [link] [comments]

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I'm concerned about the level of concern trolling

Is it just me or is this sub basically overtaken by concern trolls. All I see here everyday are concern posts on pow vs pos, censorship, running a staking node, etc. I get that some of them are genuine concerns with genuine discussion, but its easy t...

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Wanted: Pre-Authorized Payment Solution

We're building a service for Decentraland users that requires a base payment + buffer amount. The base is predictable, and the buffer amount can vary and is only known when the service expires. Where would I find a payment solution for a website...