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by COINS NEWS - 5 hours ago

Update on New security measures

Hey everyone, So I think the majority of you know that there is a faucet for nova eth ( ). A while ago I partnered with u/prussia_dev to create this faucet. As of launch we got many requests and helped many people, but it turns out aft...

by COINS NEWS - 5 hours ago

What is your biggest criticism of crypto?

It's obvious everyone is different here. There's the btc/eth maxis, the gamblers, old heads, the chart people, all of it. And its refreshing. I honestly don't care much for the dedicated subs because the ass kissing gets old. This sub ten...

by COINS NEWS - 9 hours ago

ATOM 2.0 concerns

There are concerns regarding the tokenomics proposals of the revamped ATOM project. Whilst the proposed changes seek to redress value capture problems to the ATOM token there are questions around whether the proposals will be of ultimate benefit to s...