Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 4 hours ago

Binance card chance to win 1 btc

Hey guys, round 5 occasions I obtained mail from Binance that I acquired probability to win 1 btc if I order binance card and make an transaction for at the least 5 €. But I'm wondering if that promotion is real due to those reasons After finishing...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 5 hours ago

Why was my BNB frozen?

I needed to ship my BNB value 24 euros to my personal wallet, however now I saw that these BNB have been frozen, which in fact makes me very indignant? Every little thing has been going incorrect at Binance for about 2-3 months, when withdrawing belo...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 13 hours ago

Variation in BETH staking distributions

Why does the staking fee range so much? The payout isn't just totally different everyday, however it also varies considerably from each day. Before the Merge, it declined over a few yr close to four% apr, then spiked to perhaps 6% and now it seems to...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 15 hours ago

Binance Card and Apple Pay

Does anybody know what the actual purpose behind no Apple Pay adoption is? Binance help Google Pay and Samsung Pay however not Apple Pay. I don't trust Google or Samsung and I'd really like to use the Binance card in Apple pay. I can't ev...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 20 hours ago

binance wallet overview graph shows 0

Does everyone's do that? It exhibits the traditional stability over the past few days on the kine graph however then on at the moment's date it simply drops down and exhibits 0? Stability is right but the graph seems to be predicting a mega d...

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Does anyone have any additional bnb? I actually need some to do transactions, I might be prepared to pay you back after I transfer every part else I've into bnb.!!!! submitted by /u/Scared-Trust-7712 [link] [comments]

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 1 day ago

What is the p2p regulation for?

context: an lively morning within the p2p market, a shopper proceeds to buy me, plainly one thing new since he insistently asks me for my account quantity despite the fact that I inform him to see it in my ad, to my mistake he despatched him my accou...

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Asset GoGetters

cryptocurrency which might be consolidating, maintain an eye fixed ???? on the markets. #stocks #crypto #investor submitted by /u/B5M1I3 [link] [comments]